Abdoulaye Diack


Program Manager AI and ML at Google Research

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Abdoulaye Diack, a fluent French speaker and Senior Program Manager at Google AI 🤖 in Accra, is dedicated to driving talent development and leading applied AI research projects focused on sustainable development across Africa and the developing world.🌍

With over 20 years of experience in engineering and management, Abdoulaye’s expertise spans AI/ML research, research operations, mobile financial services, payments, and big data solutions for Telcos. His journey began at Concordia University in Montreal, where he honed his skills in Computer Science. Before Google AI, he made significant contributions as a Program Manager for Google Brain 🧠.

Originally from Senegal and a father of two, Abdoulaye thrives in diverse cultures, having worked across Africa and North America, bringing a unique perspective to his passionate pursuit of using AI to empower communities.

Abdoulaye occasionally shares his expertise and insights through public speaking engagements.



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Abdoulaye works on research talent building programs and AI projects in Africa.

Google AI Residency in Accra, Ghana Running a research residency program that helps launch the career of young African researchers at our Google AI site in Accra, Ghana

Mapping the world with AI

Using cutting edge applied AI with a research team of Software engineer and scientists we work improve maps in Africa and the rest of the world open source the footprint
Google Brain team Research Ops and cutting edge applied AI/ML research/projects
Google Research Outreach Strengthening research @ labs, Startups and Universities in Africa through various Google and partners programs.

Abdoulaye, a polyglot speaker fluent in English and French, is an international speaker who tackles various topics related to Africa’s development in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). His talks delve into applied AI research, engineering, generative AI, the growth of tech startups, and fostering local talent in the AI space.

News & Publications

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